Carpet Cleaning


At EnerGreen, we know that every carpet cleaning situation varies. We use environmentally friendly solutions along with hot water extraction to show the best results. Keep in mind we clean area rugs as well. 


Upholstery Cleaning


EnerGreen cleans furniture as well to remove stains or embedded dust and dirt. This will also refresh the fabric to give it that new look.


Tile Cleaning


EnerGreen uses the same method as carpet cleaning with hot water extraction to clean tile and grout, removing  stuck on dirt and germs to reveal a fresh, clean tile and grout.


Commercial Cleaning


EnerGreen can help maintain your businesses high traffic carpet areas by cleaning with a hot water extraction method. 

Our Methods


Our Soap-Free hot water extraction method is by far the most recommended and most used method for cleaning carpets, area rugs, furniture and upholstery. This method is safe for all of these surfaces as well as for people and pets because of the eco friendly solutions. It is very effective in removing dust, dirt and other debris trapped in the carpet fibers. EnerGreen uses this preferred method to offer safe, effective and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services.



Additional Services

Carpet Protector

This helps your carpet resist dirt, spills, vacuuming and every day wear. This also helps reduce static electricity. We recommend applying carpet protector after every cleaning.


Carpet Deodorizer

An enzyme treatment is used in this process that kills bacteria from pet urine, spills, long-term stains and smells. This is recommended if you have had any previous pet stains, spills and odors.